The Truth about Frequency

What is it that cre­ates the re­ality of our dai­ly lives­—or ev­en of each mom­ent? From wh­ere does the seem­ing ma­gic of ser­en­dip­ity and syn­ch­ron­icity burst forth? And why? Are acci­dents just acci­dents? Is win­ning the lot­tery hit or miss? And why you, and not me? Is it luck? If so, what is the dri­ver be­hind luck­—bad or good…or even no luck at all: just a banal drift through life? As a child, grow­ing up, and into ad­ult­hood, these neve­r-end­ing ques­tions would flood my mind; they seem­ed to urge me to seek some ra­tion­ale for what makes our lives the way they are.

Through time and con­certed study, ob­serva­tion and in­sight, the ans­wer unfold­ed be­fore me… as fre­quency. This un­folding spawned a keen aware­ness in me of the pur­pose and func­tion of this uni­versal en­ergy. The driv­ing force of each in­divid­ual’s fre­quency can and po­ten­tial­ly does in­ten­sify their life in power­ful, pos­i­tive ways. Fre­quency de­termines why and how, and where and when things hap­pen in one’s life. It ex­ists through­out the uni­verse; it is with­in and around each and ev­ery one of us. By simply know­ing this much, we are prim­ed with the op­portun­ity and the pro­spective know-how to make ex­cel­lent things hap­pen—to im­prove our lives in ev­ery way pos­sible.

By pay­ing at­ten­tion to the rhy­thm and flux of your own ener­gies, both in­ward­ly and out­ward­ly, you can spot your weak ar­eas—a lower­ed frequency—and take measures to raise your person­al vibration; by do­ing so, you attract high­er ener­gies into your person­al sphere, thus bring­ing more power, abun­dance and good luck your way. The sa­lient point regard­ing fre­quency is that we are in con­trol of what hap­pens to us, of how our lives turn out. We reg­ulate our own fre­quency; we truly do make our lives what they are.

There are nu­merous ways in which you can raise your fre­quency. Some will help you raise it for an hour or two; and there are others which last a life­time. The lat­ter are those fre­quency-rais­ing tools that I have in­corp­orat­ed into 32 Ways to Raise Your Fre­quency. On a per­sonal note, these me­thods for height­en­ing a vib­ra­tory rate are tried and true. Adopt­ing even one fre­quency-rais­ing prin­ciple will cause a shift in your over­all life ex­peri­ence; it may be a sub­tle shift, but you will ex­peri­ence it—and for the bet­ter.

How we direct our lives determines not only how “high” our own individual frequency may be, but where the frequency of the entire world resides. The slightest


thought, word or deed can cause a shift in the frequency of the world around us. Those energies spring from our individual vibrational makeup—our frequency—that puts us right where we are, every moment of every day. Our energies subsequently spill out into the world, and affect it directly, either for good, for evil or somewhere in between.

It is my greatest wish that the concept of frequency be embraced by the citizens of Earth, that it bring clarity to their comprehension of how it so eloquently wields its way through their lives, and, thus, that they acknowledge the power they themselves have, in order to create their own splendid lives.

It takes only one spark of light to dispel the darkness. I revel in my vision of a healthy, happy humanity, living on a fresh, new, safe Planet Earth, brightening it with thriving, high frequencies. Raise your frequency and watch what happens!

The Principle of  Frequency

Fre­quency is what makes your life what it is. You decide which “recipe” to cre­ate for your life— every­day—and your fre­quency whips it up for you! Rais­ing your fre­quency is as basic a prin­ciple as that: You come up with the in­gredients that you choose for your life, and your fre­quency brings you the finish­ed prod­uct—as per the speci­fi­ca­tions of your “order”! A snarky type of person chooses rude­ness and im­pudence as their in­gredients for life, so their fre­quency meets them right there: They end up at­tract­ing en­ergy fac­tors that res­onate at the same level of fre­quency as do rude­ness and im­pudence. They won’t ne­cess­ari­ly at­tract “rude­ness” and “im­pudence”, per se, but they will de­finitely bring to them­selves any type of fre­quen­cies that re­side at those levels, where emo­tional, psy­cho­log­i­cal or spirit­ual hap­piness and comfort are hin­der­ed.

So why can’t we just fix it? Be­cause, most of the time, we’re not even aware that we are be­having in ways that are not true to our na­ture. Ego can have such a tight hold on our con­scious­ness that our good­ness and kind­ness are hid­den away—blocked, stunt­ed. The way for us to get around our un­con­scious be­havior, thou­ghts, at­titudes, words and in­ten­tions is to first decide that we want a bet­ter life. With that alone, the door to free­dom, light and op­por­tun­ity be­gins to creak open. Your in­ten­tions are now com­ing into align­ment with your best and high­est in­terest. At that very turn—and in­dubit­able rise in your

frequency—your life takes on a new, ra­diant hue, one that be­gins to lift you to a greater sense of grat­ification, as well as a high­er lev­el of consciousness.

Once you have tak­en that initial step to­ward rais­ing your frequency, the next extremely important step is to pay at­tention: Pay at­tention to one weak area of your life at a time, and be­gin to correct it. Pick any­thing. Do you tend to lie, or even fib, on a reg­ular basis? That’s a good thing to get rid of—fast. It saps your power; it weak­ens you, and all your frequency can do is bring you a less-than-mediocre way of living. Your life might look great on the out­side, but in­side your­self is where the truth is—your truth.

Maybe the foods you choose to eat need to be of a high­er frequency. What­ev­er you bring into your person­al sphere will af­fect you di­rectly—phys­ically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. Take care with the books that you read, the movies you watch, the people you as­sociate with, and, yes, the foods that you eat. They all have a frequency of their own—and their frequency af­fects yours. Choose with care.

There are many seem­ingly “lit­tle things” that we do that un­equivocally sab­otage our right to a better life.
Judging oth­ers is an­oth­er biggie; so is fear: fear to be free, fear to speak up, to change jobs or to try some­thing new.

Be­sides identi­fying the rough ar­eas of our psyche and aiming to bring them to high­er lev­els of frequency, there are nu­mer­ous practices and tools that we can use in or­der to bring powerful, super pos­itive ener­gies our way. Zest, excite­ment, peace, panache, self-confidence, respect, cre­ativ­ity, fulfill­ment and abun­dance all res­onate at very high lev­els of frequency. You can attain what­ev­er you desire—-by working from the in­side out.

Why is it that so many people put so much time, effort and love into a po­tential project, ca­reer, relation­ship or some vested inter­est, yet nev­er attain their desired out­come? It is because they haven’t been feed­ing their frequency the right ingre­di­ents. There is always a snag, somewhere, when your life isn’t go­ing the way you want or expect it to, or in the way that brings you peace and satisfaction. Only you know when there is some­thing askew; your spirit knows.

Jump-start your frequency. Take those powerful life-chang­ing, awareness-shifting steps to­ward cat­apul­ting your life to new dimen­sions…right here on Plan­et Earth! Look around you: There are people living in the streets, oth­ers living the life of Riley, people stuck in traff­ic, on their way to a meaning­less nine-to-five job, while oth­ers are rev­el­ing in their dream ca­reer. They are each living on differ­ent dimen­sions. They are each res­onating to divergent vibratory rates—in their minds, their hearts, their spirits…and in their homes!

The psychic dimen­sion that you are currently in is more than likely completely differ­ent from that of the per­son sitting right next to you on the bus or plane, or at the baseball game. We can’t re­ally see what’s go­ing on in any partic­ular frequency domain, with the naked human eye. But you will feel your­self ris­ing to high­er dimen­sions of exis­tence, once you take simple measures to­ward rais­ing your frequency. That is the ba­sic, ul­ti­mate secret to ev­ery­thing. Choose your life.

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"32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency is the best introduction to the concept of the essential na­ture of vibrational energy and it's rel­evance to our ev­eryday lives that I've ev­er read. Oth­er books are filled with technical jargon, ei­ther philo­soph­ical or sci­entif­ic. Diana's ex­cel­lent work is totally ac­cessible. The message is that vibration is lit­erally ev­ery­thing and that we partic­ipate in its interaction and in sculpting our role in the dance of life. High­ly rec­ommended! A re­al pleasure to read and a def­i­nite eye opener. Best of all, it's wonderfully practical and doable."
Phil Marcus
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"Re: 32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency — This is a book for CRE­ATIVE SOULS… artists, writ­ers, actors… chefs… etc. If you need a boost, need to unblock—one read will push you forward. Ex­cel­lent Diana!"
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November 5, 2011