A Little Bit About Me

Diana Nilsen Aylw ard

I have studied the essence of Life for many, many years. It has been just a  natural course of study, unfurling its wisdom and purpose, year after year, day after day. Over the last two decades, a particular facet of Life—a major one, to say the least—has been the primary focus of my relentless investigation into how circumstances occur, why they happen, and when, where…and to whom. This fascinating, yet fundamental, phenomenon of Life, which has captured my unceasing awe and respect is frequency. Studying it, observing and feeling its machinations, knowing and understanding it, is now the nature of my nature.

I was born and raised in Hollywood, California. I taught Spanish and English for three decades, served as a lecture guide at the New York Headquarters of the United Nations, traveled the world over a number of times, met fascinating people….and learned volumes, primarily about myself and the part I am to play in this panoply of riches that this world has put before me.

One thing I am sure of: Shift does happen, and it always happens when the time is just right! So I’ve grown quite accustomed to shifts—changes, within me and without. I experience relationships of all kinds—ending, beginning, shifting. I change locations, meet people whose magic often takes me to new, powerfully charged dimensions of living. The vast majority of time, I do nothing to make these things happen. They just do. My abilities change—for the better; so do my relationships, my luck factor and my attitudes, thoughts, words and intentions. My dreams change, too.

I never know what’s to come, and I feel safe in that “not-knowing”. I am friends with my frequency, for it reflects who, what and how I am. The only downfalls are when I become my own worst enemy. That’s when I’m unsteady; that’s when tinges of fear,

dread or psycho-emotional imbalance haunt me. I usually have the wherewithal to fix it. I do something—usually powerful—to raise my frequency. And like magic, all of my component parts scramble back together, and the integrity of my being is once again ok.

I would like for all of humanity to understand how basic and simple life really is. Our well-being, in essence, is based purely upon being in sync with oneself! When we are who we really are—and not a function of how many degrees, friends or dollars we have—every day of our lives is then….easy. Even during those difficult times, we can sink into the comfort of a raised frequency that, sooner than later, takes us to a safe comfort zone. I revel in just knowing that! That is all I need to know, to have, to be. Knowing that I alone have the power to make my life as comfortable or as difficult as I choose is my greatest gift from Life. It is a gift whose wisdom I wish to share with you.


Diana Nilsen Aylward is a seasoned metaphysician, who specializes in astrology, numerology and frequency, as it relates to human beings’ individual force fields or personal rates of vibration. She is a retired professor of Spanish, with a Master’s Degree from UCLA. She has traveled to the far edges of the world numerous times, but finds her home in Los Angeles, where she spends much of her time seeking and traversing unique hiking trails and communing with Spirit. She is an avid photographer, writer and advocate for animals and the Earth ecosystem. Her published works include This Way to English, Your Pet’s Horoscope and Where You Live Counts!
Her goal is to bring the people of the world to a better understanding of and appreciation for the wonder and true magic of our individual lives, of nature and animals…and of Life itself.

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November 5, 2011