32 Ways to Raise
Your Frequency

by Diana Nilsen Aylward

32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

Ev­ery­thing that exists has a spe­cif­ic frequency. Frequency is the rate of vibration that reflects the amount of Life Force—Soul Energy—that each and ev­ery be­ing has with­in its field of exis­tence. The more Life Force one has with­in, the high­er the lev­el at which their frequency res­onates; thus, the high­er their overall expe­ri­ence of living is.

This book is for anyone who wishes to improve the status quo of their life—in any and all as­pects. The 32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency are aimed at el­evating one’s overall lev­el of awareness, so as to fully embrace the ide­al expe­ri­ence of constructive, enjoyable and meaningful living....as a spirit with­in a human body. One simply cannot reach opti­mal degrees of be­ing human in ev­ery area of life, with­out one’s frequency first reach­ing that opti­mal degree with­in.

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Where You Live Counts!

by Diana Nilsen Aylward

32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

There are many nu­merology books avail­able that are based on a per­son's full name and date of birth. The interpretation of these factors is inval­uable for under­standing the influ­ence and vibrations of people and how their numbers af­fect relation­ships as well as guide your life. Howev­er, where you live, where you work, your tele­phone number—even your Social Secu­rity number and your license number—all count as well!

Nu­merol­o­gist, Diana Nilsen Aylward, has written a concise nu­mero­logical ref­er­ence guide for those desiring to delve deeper into the meanings that are be­yond the tra­ditional nu­merology books by pro­viding spe­cif­ic interpretations of the numbers as they apply to where you live, work and play. Find the answers to questions like: • Where should you vacation if your goal is to seek adventure and excitement? • Is the number of your res­idence the right one for you? • Looking for some "peace and quiet"? Avoid ho­tel rooms adding up to 5. • What's the right ca­reer path for you? Your Social Secu­rity number can help you find this answer.

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32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

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"32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency is the best introduction to the concept of the essential na­ture of vibrational energy and it's rel­evance to our ev­eryday lives that I've ev­er read. Oth­er books are filled with technical jargon, ei­ther philo­soph­ical or sci­entif­ic. Diana's ex­cel­lent work is totally ac­cessible. The message is that vibration is lit­erally ev­ery­thing and that we partic­ipate in its interaction and in sculpting our role in the dance of life. High­ly rec­ommended! A re­al pleasure to read and a def­i­nite eye opener. Best of all, it's wonderfully practical and doable."
Phil Marcus
Energy Heal­er.

"Re: 32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency — This is a book for CRE­ATIVE SOULS… artists, writ­ers, actors… chefs… etc. If you need a boost, need to unblock—one read will push you forward. Ex­cel­lent Diana!"
—Bonita Zei­er
via Facebook
November 5, 2011