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32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

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"32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency is the best introduction to the concept of the essential na­ture of vibrational energy and it's rel­evance to our ev­eryday lives that I've ev­er read. Oth­er books are filled with technical jargon, ei­ther philo­soph­ical or sci­entif­ic. Diana's ex­cel­lent work is totally ac­cessible. The message is that vibration is lit­erally ev­ery­thing and that we partic­ipate in its interaction and in sculpting our role in the dance of life. High­ly rec­ommended! A re­al pleasure to read and a def­i­nite eye opener. Best of all, it's wonderfully practical and doable."
Phil Marcus
Energy Heal­er.

"Re: 32 Ways to Raise Your Frequency — This is a book for CRE­ATIVE SOULS… artists, writ­ers, actors… chefs… etc. If you need a boost, need to unblock—one read will push you forward. Ex­cel­lent Diana!"
—Bonita Zei­er
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November 5, 2011